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My dear friend Vyda of Health Yoga Life

February 10, 2016

Some people come into your life and forever alter your perception of reality. My dear friend Vyda is one of those people. We met as freshmen in college. She came bursting with energy into our lives, toting Chanel eye-shadow quads and Vamp lipstick, chasing boys, belting Dancing Queen, and passing out Angel Cards! We were such opposites, but quickly, Vyda was a part of my college routines, sometimes even picking out my colors (what?) and always offering up healthy snacks that her mom picked up from the Brookline, Bread & Circus and shipped to us in Pittsburgh, PA. She made sure we all picked out an Angel Card ( ) as a mantra for our weekends. She has always had the ability to make the smallest of rituals, joyful and memorable experiences.


If you are going to be a friend of Vyda’s you are going to be a friend of her three sisters and her mom and that is just the way it is. It is a five-friend deal. Lucky you! She and her sisters have this wonderful way of teaching people how to see and believe in their best selves. They are all about steering you towards forward motion and growth.


It is so fitting, and not at all surprising, that they have built a company together that teaches people how to live their healthiest, happiest, and strongest lives. I am so proud of Vyda and her family for their success with Health Yoga Life, and I am honored to be able to document their journey. Health Yoga Life sister Beacon Hill BostonThe sisters of Health Yoga Life




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